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Cynthia Barta Household Liquidations Bio

As founder and president of Cynthia Barta Household Liquidations, I have been involved in the appraisal, staging, and sale of the contents of over 100 homes in the Greater Cleveland area. My long time fascination with design propelled me into the art and antiques field over 25 years ago. Extensive training in event planning, graphic arts and marketing enables me to be instrumental in every stage of the liquidation process. I know which questions to ask and listen to my clients' needs.

With an extensive work history including a mid-century & vintage clothing shop, Studio Moderne, President of Dress for Success’ retail venue, Second Glance, Past President of the Art Deco Society of Cleveland, and Marketing Director for two shopping malls in the greater Cleveland area, I take a vast amount of knowledge into each new project. However my education and abilities do extend into other forms of appraisal, including rare book and manuscript appraisals, even working with professors at Emory University in Atlanta, to help determine valuations of some of these books and manuscripts. Even with some of these other aspects of my career, the main focus and joy of my career is estate sales and home liquidations.

Mission Statement:

Cynthia Barta Household Liquidations takes pride in creating a personalized, professional, friendly and innovative approach to each situation, enabling our clients to receive optimum prices for their cherished belongings.

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