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Breakdown of fees for rendered services

Estate sales cost between 25% and 35% of the net proceeds of the sale. In cases where a large estate is present, the fee will most likely be lower at the 25% range. In cases where the estate sale is only valued at $50,000 or less the fee would be 30% - 35%. Estates with large, easy to sell items are in the 30% range. Estates with many small items in this criteria may lean more towards the 35% cost.

There are often a few necessary services that are separate from the sale percentage fee. Clean outs are not included, however we do offer them at a reasonable fee. The cost depends on the condition of the home and how many items are left following the estate sale. Some owners will want the home broom ready, while others will require the house to be more finely cleaned, which will ultimately cost more. Clean out prices vary depending on the amount of work required. Very light broom clean up in a small home could cost less than $100, while a large scale deep clean-up in a mansion sized home could cost upwards of hundreds of dollars.

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