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The value that Cynthia Barta brings to a successful estate sale is her many years of experience and knowledge. Even after paying the percentage fee for conducting the sale, in almost every situation, the person who is liquidating the home, you will get a higher total for your items in the end. You can rest assured that by using our services, that many of the difficult tasks will be left in the hands of a professional. Below we have listed some of the areas that Cynthia excels at.





In many cases of home liquidation, a structural change has occurred within the family, and in some cases it can even be the result of a death of a loved one. Preparing a home for sale can take an emotional toll on the family, while they are already experiencing under a stressful load. Personal disagreements within the family about the value of the items can bring up anger and embarrassment. Cynthia Barta guarantees that her process will be carried out with the utmost respect, keeping in mind that your family might be going through a difficult time.

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